drinks cabinet

Top 10 Drinks that should not be missing from your cabinet

Having a drinks cabinet is now common. The problem most people face is which cabinet to have, how to keep it out of reach for children and prying visitors and what to have in the cabinet. Worry no more. These primary drinks are not only functional on their own but they are essential in making different cocktails.

1. Aviation

Not everyone likes gin. There are those who are fond of the drink. However, for those who are not too fond of gin, it is quite simple to fall in love with the drink. The first thing to do is to start with the lighter, not too heavy variety like a bramble, something that has a berry flavor. After a couple of these, then you are hooked. Gin can be used to make the classic cucumber- rosemary gin and tonic. The specific ones to go for at a reasonable price are the Aviation at about $28 and Broker’s if you want a better price at $19.

2. Flor de Cana

Flor de Cana at $14 and 10 Cane at $25 are good ideas for light rum. They can be used in Mojitos and Blueberry Rum Smash cocktails. If you prefer less work in making a drink, you can simply mix it with pineapple juice.

3. Myers’

Dark Rum is rich and delicious. It can be served hot and buttered and the best type to get would be Myers’ at a modest $18 and Gosling’s at $17. With dark rum you can make hot pumpkin buttered rum cocktail.

4. Rittenhouse

Rye whiskey is a great choice for a drinks cabinet. It is used in classic cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Summer Sage. It has a rich history and tastes similar to American whiskey. A decent bottle of Rittenhouse goes for $24 while the Old Overholt costs a modest $13.

5. Alteno

For those who like Margaritas, silver and gold tequila are the drinks to have in your cabinet. Another cocktail made from that bottle of tequila is an El Diablo. A decent bottle of Alteno costs $11 with El Jimador costing $18.

6. Martini Rossi

Sweet and Dry Vermouth is fortified wine and it acts more as a supporting drink. But you have to admit that when it is mixed with herbs it is quite something. The sweet variety is Italian while the dry one is French. They can be used to make a gin martini when partnered with gin and an income tax cocktail whose recipe is readily available online. For a 375 ml bottle, you can opt for a Sweet Martini Rossi at $5 and a Dry Noilly Pratt at $7.

7. 4 Roses

Bourbon is a favorite of many, especially because it can be used in baking in case you don’t like a specific bottle after you have already bought it. 4 Roses costs $19 while a more refined option would be the Bulleit at $24. For the cocktails, you can opt to make a Fig Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep.

8 & 9. Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is the choice of Vodka to have in your cabinet. At $18 you get to make the Rhubarb Basil Cocktail and the Moscow Mule among other drinks. You can also opt for other Vodka brands such as Tito’s at $18 as well.

10. Cointreau

Cointreau goes for $33 and is great for making the White Lady Cocktail. It is a bit pricey, but it is worth the amount to have it in your personal bar.


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