philips hue starter kit

Philips Hue – Is it worth the investment?

Philips Hue smart bulbs cost $149.99 for the three bulb starter kit. This can be termed as an investment in your home lighting system. Smart homes are the new thing. Everything in the home is becoming automated and functions are being synchronized to achieve the perfect home setting. Smart bulbs are some of the newest additions in town and the Philips Hue is one of the most popular systems. However, is it worth the buy?


1. Automated lighting – It provides the user with convenience. You do not have to switch on your lights whenever you walk into your house. The Philips Hue can be set up to come on once you are in the house.

2. Security – The system has a periodic timer for switching lights on and off when you have traveled on vacation. This gives the impression that there is still someone at home which is great for security. To control the lights wireless you have to leave the power on in the house. This is just a small cost for a great benefit.

Philips Hue customization

3. Customization – Philips Hue allows you to customize the lighting for your home. You can use photos to come up with different light settings for different moods. This changes the ambiance of any room to your desired consistency. For movies, one can have a different light setting. The same is true for dinner or just a relaxing time. This helps to create a unique mood for your home or office which cannot be replicated in another home unless they copy your style.

4. Same size as regular bulbs – The Philips Hue is the same size as a regular bulb. This is a good thing because it means that you do not have to change the set up of your house or invest in specific sockets that support the lighting system. The bulbs easily fit into the place where the other bulbs usually are.

5. Easy to set up – The Philips Hue is easy to set up. All you have to do is install the lights and download the iOS or Android application on your smart phone. It does not require network knowledge and is not complicated. One can therefore comfortably set up the system and enjoy it. Some of the other smart bulbs do not accord the same simplicity. Some are quite difficult to install and require network knowledge, making them not as easy to use.


The only disadvantage about using this smart lighting system is that it is very expensive. For a starter kit at $199, it is quite a pretty penny! There are smart bulbs that cost less in the market and work just fine. For anyone who does not have as much to spend on lighting then this is not the system for you. Worse still, it would be a nightmare if you have to light not just an entire room but a whole house, that is, different rooms. It would cost an arm and a leg just for lights!


The Philips Hue is therefore a lighting system that you would want to invest in. It will give your home a different feel for a pretty long time.


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