how to pick a pool table

How to pick the perfect pool table

Pool tables are the ultimate form of entertainment. Whether in the home or in a public place such as a pub, a pool table cuts across the board, serving both the young and old alike. It is universally popular and still cuts across generations to this day in age. There are a number of questions that one has to ask before buying a pool table.

One is how much it will cost and how much you have to spare. The second is the space that is available in your home. This dictates the size and type of pool table that you will buy.

The last factor to consider is how often and how seriously you play pool. This will influence the quality of the table that you choose.

Good reasons for buying a pool table:

Family time and strengthening family bonds – it gives family members time to bond and have some fun. It helps children’s minds to be active and alert as opposed to those children’s minds who are always glued to TV screens or game consoles.

Hosting guests and inviting friends over – it gives one the opportunity to have friends over and have some friendly games. This builds and strengthens bonds.

Space – it does not take much space and can be placed in virtually any room in the home except for the bathroom and the kitchen. It is easy to convert a space to accommodate it.

One off investment – A pool table is a one-off investment that will last for years to come. The amount you spend on the pool table is spread across the years of use and ends up being much cheaper when you look at it in this sense.

Price range for pool tables

Pool tables cost anywhere from less than 350 pounds all the way to more than 2,000 pounds. The price of a table depends on the type of wood used to make it, and the type of cloth used as well. The price ranges are broadly categorized into:

1. Cheap – falls within the less than 350 pound category. It is not advisable to buy these tables as they likely are of low quality and will succumb to wear and tear within a small period of time.

2. Affordable – falls between 350 and 500 pounds. The frame used would likely be MDF or lesser grade wood and the cloth would be low grade as well. This would be likely for domestic use

3. Mid-range – at about 600 and 1500 pounds, this table would be made of quality wood and cloth and would be likely present in pubs and other public places of gathering

4. Expensive – over 2000 pounds, but the table would be a piece of art in a high end establishment or even domestic setting. With such you can customize the wood, cloth and even color.

Places to buy Pool tables

Ideal Rack ‘Em Tabletop  Prices range from as low as $41.99 for the Ideal Rack ‘Em Tabletop pool game to $1299. 99 for the Mizerak Dakota BRS Slatron 8 Ft Billiard Table.

Triumph Sports USA 89 In Santa Fe Billiard Table  Sears has a wide range of pool tables from as low as $699.99 for the Triumph Sports USA 89 In Santa Fe Billiard Table to $2486 for the Furniture of America Cherry Luther 8ft Billiard Table.

Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40-inch – Amazon has a wide range to choose from when it comes to pool tables with tables such as the Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40-inch available for $59

Billiard factory  The Billiard factory offers the best in pool tables in terms of variety and quality. It sports prices of about $2799 for the Trinity Game Room Package among others.


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