how to pick a smart tv

How to pick the best smart TV

Smart televisions are en vogue. They are the newest addition to the array of gadgets that one needs to acquire. They are televisions that can connect with wireless internet through smart devices such as Android phones and consoles. There are a number of different brands with different specifications in the market. So what should you choose and why? Here are a few tips to guide you through the picking and buying process:

1. Screen resolution

If you are buying a smart TV in this day in age, then you should consider getting a screen resolution that is more than 1080 pixels. This is important because lower pixels do not give as clear image quality. In fact, one should opt for an Ultra HD screen, better known as a 4K television because they are going to be the best in screen resolution for a while, seeing as to how they support really high resolution. But one can still opt for a HD TV as it will still work as well although one may have to trade it in for the 4K TV with time.

The other aspect to note about televisions is that OLED is much better than LED/ LCD counterparts. They may be more expensive but they are the best that there is so if you have some extra cash to spend, spring for OLED.

2. Ports

Consider television sets that have at least four HDMI ports. This is important as you do not want to limit yourself from access or ability to connect to different devices at the same time. Also check that you have USB ports. Buyers should ask about HDCP compatibility as well.

3. Speakers

The speakers on the TV should not be a deal breaker unless they do not work at all or are simply horrible. The thing about smart televisions is that the speakers are getting worse with time because the televisions are getting slimmer. It is paramount to invest in some high quality sound bars to get the type of sound quality that one wants. Otherwise, most speakers on the televisions are just a disappointment.

4. Design

You have a number of designs to pick from for the television. You can choose a flat surface that is horizontal, which is a step down from the curved television which not only provides great viewership but also looks sleek and just out of this world! A curved television adds character to the room and for that, it costs more than a flat screen. With the right budget, a curved TV would be a far better option.

5. Price

This is the biggest factor of all. The amount that you have allocated to the purchase of your television determines the quality and version you get. If you have a little to spend then it is likely that you will not get as many features on the TV, neither will you be able to get a large television. You may have to opt for smaller-inch versions.


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