streaming vs cable subscription

Should I get cable subscription or rely on streaming?

Streaming has become the new way to watch one’s favorite shows and movies. From Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime TV to YouTube, it seems streaming has taken over the entertainment world. Streaming only requires an internet connection, a subscription to a streaming service and an enabled device on which to watch the favorite shows and movies.

Evolution of streaming

Netflix was the first to come up with a streaming service so it is not a wonder that it grabs a significant part of the market share. Because of this, Netflix was picked up by almost every gaming console and other smart devices therefore it is compatible with almost every device. Hulu came on board as well and while it may be a free service it does not offer as much as its upgraded counterpart, Hulu Plus.

This service offers the latest in TV shows, sporting the newest episodes and full series. Other services include Amazon Prime TV and YouTube. These services are relatively cheap, averaging at about $10 in comparison to cable services which cost about thrice as much. For the price, the user is able to watch whatever they want on the device of their choice which is a far cry from the one-size-fits-all outlook of cable.

Effect of streaming on cable subscriptions

Cable subscriptions have dropped over the recent past, with research estimating the drop at 3% at least every other quarter. Viewers have realized that streaming has a lot more to offer than cable subscription.

tv cable subscription

One of the advantages of streaming is that there is uninterrupted service as long as one has access to a reliable wireless connection. Not only that, but viewers can choose what to watch and when to watch it as opposed to having to wait for specific programs at certain times during the day. Cable providers have tried to devise new ways of competing with streaming such as apps available for certain devices to make it easy to watch stuff on the go to curb the decreasing number of subscriptions.

Streaming services versus cable

With streaming services, you can subscribe to a number of them without having to burn a hole through your pocket. Subscribing to up to three services will still cost less than a monthly cable subscription.

The other thing about streaming services is that they can alert you on your home screen once your favorite shows are available. This is done through marking the shows as favorites. This is not the same for cable unless one also follows up on the news about the latest episodes of favorite shows. Netflix will even give suggestions on show you can enjoy based on what you like watching.

With streaming services, you can also cancel a subscription without having to pay cancellation fees as is with cable. The best thing about streaming is the convenience and personalization. Sure, you may get more shows and more channels using cable but who actually ends up watching all those?


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