decorating plants

Plants – How to pick and take care of them

Decorative plants are a growing trend in many homes. It is not enough to talk about the different Eco friendly choices that one can pick out for their homes when you can have a mini jungle in your home. Different people opt for different plants, but all of this is influenced by more than just a preference. So, how should you pick out the best plant for your home?

Examine the light situation in your room

Check the light situation in your house or room. If there are big south facing windows, then it would be better to get a plant that thrives under a lot of light. If there is a low light situation, then choosing a plant that requires less sunlight intensity to grow is a better choice. One such example is the Aglanoema, also known as the Chinese Evergreen. The intensity of sunlight is not the same as the duration of sunlight, so the two should not be confused.

Space in the home

If you have smaller spaces, then it would be best to pick a plant that grows in a pot as opposed to larger plant. The opposite is advisable for those with larger spaces. For smaller homes, once again, the Chinese Evergreen is a good choice as it does not take up much space.

Your schedule

If you are one to stay away from your home for a long time either on business or leisure travel, it would be best to pick a plant that does not require a lot of watering. This ensures that the plants do not dry or wither whenever they are left unattended to. For people who are around the home more, a choice of a plant that requires watering is a good one.

Color and Overall look

In as much as you have to consider the environmental effects or the role of the plant, you also have to consider the aesthetic value of placing the plant in your home. You could pick a more colorful variety if you like color and choose dull hues if you prefer to have the ecological function of the plant over the aesthetic appeal. The color, however, depends on the needs of the plants and your availability to cater to those needs without neglecting the said plant.

Taking care of plants

  • Light: Ensure that the plant is in a well-lit environment. This is essential for plants that require a lot of sunlight. However, if you pick low light plants, then their intake of sunlight is not as important in monitoring as for high light plants. If you notice the color on the leaves getting dull it is a sign that the plant is not getting enough sunlight
  • Water: Make sure that the plant is well watered depending on its needs. Plants need water to survive and the frequency of watering depends on the needs of the plant.
  • Pests: Spray light pesticide in case the plant has any pests. This needs to be monitored because plants can be destroyed by different pests and disease if not well taken care of.

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