how to apply wallpaper

How to pick the best wallpaper for your room

Wallpaper is one of the easier methods to decorate any room in the home. Unlike paint, it does not take a lot of time to use. There are different types of wallpapers in the market that one can choose from. The other advantage of using wallpaper is that it is easy to change the look of a room from time to time for those people who like to have diversity in their homes. There are professionals who install wallpapers but some homeowners prefer to make it a DIY project. So, how do you pick wallpaper for a room and how do you install the wallpaper thereafter?

1. Plan

You need to assess the room before picking or installing wallpaper. The dimensions of the room, how the roof and the walls meet, the window placement and their dimensions are just some of the things that one needs to consider. This means that picking the wallpaper, the measurements and the design will be on an informed basis. The other things to note include the ambiance that you would want to achieve in the room. This will help one to choose the design, patterned or plain wallpaper and the likes.

2. Prepare the surface

You should use sandpaper to smoothen the wall. This gets rid of bumps and uneven surfaces, making it ready for application of wall paper. No one wants to put up wallpaper and have bumps and unevenness after it’s already dried out.

3. Cutting the wallpaper into strips

The other step that is important in wallpaper installation is cutting the wallpaper. They usually come in rolls and need to be cut to fit the size of the room. There are two major steps. The first is to roughly cut the wallpaper into strips that are slightly larger than the area they will be applied to. For entire walls, it is advisable to cut the wallpaper into vertical strips that are four inches more than the wall’s length. The second is to fine trim the wallpaper into the finer dimensions to achieve smoother edges.

4. Activating the wallpaper paste and hanging the wallpaper

The third step is to activate the paste on your wallpaper. This is done on the pre-pasted wall coverings while pasting is needed for unpasted wall coverings. You then hang the wallpaper, beginning at the edges and smoothing out the wallpaper to the desired consistency. Once the wallpaper is up one usually has about fifteen minutes to push out the bubbles towards the borders to achieve the clean, smooth look.

5. Trimming the edges

Having cut the wallpaper into strips and pasted it on the wall, one needs to trim the edges of the wallpaper to give it a professional look. This entails evening out the ends to fit into the desired wall space. To achieve the best results, it is best to use a breakaway razor.

6. Do not do it alone

This might look like a fun process but it can be disastrous if one does the installation alone. The simple process is made simpler and effective when done in teams or even two’s.


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