Pioneer SP-PK21BS

Pioneer SP-PK21BS – A great home cinema system under $500

Finding a home cinema system that is affordable can be tedious. Finding an affordable one which is high quality is even harder. However, there are a number of options that one can pick from for under $500, which is a fair price for a home system. One of the best picks is the Pioneer SP-PK21BS which is available for $400 straight from Pioneer with free shipping. This system was designed by Andrew Jones who is well known in audiophile circles seeing as he has worked with companies like Infinity and KEF.


This system consists of two pairs of bookshelf SP-BS21-LR loudspeakers, a center channel speaker and an SW-8 powered subwoofer. It is huge when compared to others in its price range. This could be a deterrent to those who also want the space-saving option. The bookshelf speakers are 12.6 inches high, 7.2 inches wide and 8.1 inches deep. The SW-8 8 inch subwoofer is an average size at 14.3 by 12.4 by 12.4 inches.

SP-PK21BS home cinema

The SP-CP21 center speaker is also big at 7.9 by 19.9 by 8.7 inches. The speakers have a curved cabinet construction design which reduces vibration. The crossover design also provides full spectrum clarity. The drivers are protected by perforated metal grilles although these are not easy to remove. They can be placed on shelves or under a TV display cabinet. However, for those that have access to proper wall mounting services then the speakers can be mounted.


These speakers may not be convenient for lifestyle-oriented people but they sure are for anyone who is interested in high quality, clear and crisp sound. They are tonally balanced and dynamic. There is the added advantage that there is no overt distortion in louder sound although the subwoofer’s bass lacks in very low frequency extension.

This is covered for with the lower crossover point which shows that the larger speakers are not dependent on the subwoofer as they are able to produce more bass. The SP-C21 uses a 6-component crossover that is high quality enabling for accurate sound reproduction when watching movies or in events. This 5.1 channel surround system excites your senses because it is able to reproduce conversation, car crashes, and other sounds during movies or in entertainment material that is high quality.


Compared to the Energy Take Classic 5.1, which also retails for about the same price, the Pioneer SP-PK21BS falls short of the buyer’s choice because of its size. This is regardless of the fact that the Energy Take Classic 5.1 is less impressive than the Pioneer SP-PK21BS.

The Boston SoundWare XS is also a good choice for home systems that are affordable although it is priced at about $500. That is more expensive than the Pioneer SP-PK21BS and for about the same quality of sound. The advantage of the Boston SoundWare XS over the Pioneer is that it is small and great for people who would like to save on space and have speakers that are not too noticeable in the home.


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