Automate with just a Samsung Galaxy S4 and NFC

Automation is picking up by the day. Different devices can now communicate efficiently to provide people with seamless connection. This is in the home, the office, everywhere! NFC is a new feature that can now be used with different Samsung devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 to automate your phone.


Usually, there are commands you issue your Samsung Galaxy S4 once you are in a certain environment. When you leave the office, enter the car or the house, leave the house, there are changes that you make to your phone. These could include: switching off Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth, changing audio profiles, switching off apps and the likes. NFC allows your phone to get these changes without having you manually input them every time.


How does it work?


The first step is to get the NFC tag online. There are different kinds and one of the better ones is the 38 mm round Desfire EV1 that is from NXP semiconductors. The next step is to visit the Android Market to get the NFC Task Launcher which is available at $1.99. After this, you can place the NFC Tag on a docking station if you have one or on any other stable spot where you can also place your phone.


After this is completed, you need to set up your phone to recognize the changes that you would like to make when you enter a certain place. For example, if the changes are made once you enter the car, these could include disabling the Wi-Fi, enabling Bluetooth and putting the phone on silent mode among other activities. The sequence of events should be as you desire them to be. Once you choose them on the NFC Task Launcher, the next step is to push the ‘Write Tag’ button and press the phone onto the NFC Tag. You will hear a sound and then you can place the tag on whichever surface is convenient as the changes are now saved.


Other basic activities that can be handled by NFC


When using NFC on the Samsung Galaxy S4, there are a variety of basic activities that you can adjust. These would include:

  • Adjusting the brightness of the screen
  • Turning on power saving mode to conserve the battery
  • Turning on music applications
  • Changing audio profiles
  • Turning on social media applications
  • Checking into Foursquare




NFC is a great feature for anyone who owns a Galaxy S4. It makes handling the phone in different environments so much easier because you do not have to keep making adjustments every time. The automation is convenient and quite honestly, liberating. All you have to do is tap your phone on the NFC tag, making sure that the chip and the tag are in communication. This makes all the adjustments that you would want. There are other advanced tasks that one can also automate on the Samsung Galaxy S4 but this requires an Advanced Tasker which is also available on the Android Market.



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