home decoration ideas

The basics of decorating any room

Some people are born with the natural knack for decorating while others pick it up in school or because of a particular interest. However, a majority of the people fall in neither of those categories. It can be frustrating to try and decorate a space without the slightest clue about how to go about it except for one’s preferences. In such cases, you either opt for a professional or to just wing it! A few guidelines for those who opt to do it themselves are:

1. Know your space

This is the first thing to consider when decorating a room. Which room do you want to decorate and why? Décor for rooms differs depending on what the room is normally used for. The way you decorate a bedroom differs from the way you will decorate the lounge or the living room. Know and discern your space, discover your style, explore the ideas that you would like to work with.

2. Make use of negative space

Making use of the negative space does not mean filling it up with more things. It is a tip that works well when understood. Negative space is the space in a room that looks alright, whether or not it has a piece to decorate it, that is, furniture, a painting or vases. A negative space looks fine without stuff. Allowing the room to have a negative space that is not cluttered is a good decorating tip. Reducing clutter not only creates an illusion of space, it also eliminates the need to have very many things that do not necessarily do anything for your room.

3. Focal point

A focal point is the main point of focus. It is the one thing that your eyes are drawn to immediately when you enter a room. Find the focal point of the room and decorate around it. If you do not have one then you can create one. For example, if it is a reading room, you can make a book shelf your focal point.

4. The rule of odd numbers

The rule of odd numbers states that decorating should be done in odd numbers, for example, having three vases as opposed to using four. The odd numbers are more attractive and mesh well as opposed to even numbers. When following the rule of odd numbers, you need to find a common element in the items that you are going to use. If it is vases, you can choose to have them in the same material such as glass or ceramic. However, you also need to have something that distinguishes them from one another. That could be the height or even the circumference of the vases. This helps to pair up similar things without making the room seem boring or mundane.


With these tips, you can start conceptualizing on how to decorate the room of your choice. It is always better to have a picture of what you expect as the end product to serve as a guideline during the actual decorating process. It helps you avoid getting carried away by the variety of options that may present themselves.


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