Picking The Perfect Sofa

Picking the best sofa – A quick guide

As with shopping for anything else, picking the perfect sofa is quite a task. It might seem like a walk in the park before you set out to search for the perfect sofa, but do not be fooled. You need to be armed with the relevant information before setting out to buy a sofa. There is nothing as bad as having furniture you do not like in your living space. Some of the tips to consider when buying a sofa are:

1. Lifestyle

Analyze your lifestyle, the activities that you have in your house and the people you live, with if any. That will help you to decide on why you want a sofa in the first place. Having a concrete reason usually helps with narrowing down the numerous options that are available online. If, say, you want a sofa to place in front of the TV or if you want one for the lounge, the type of sofa you choose for the different purposes will also differ.

2. Size and shape of your space

The second thing is to check the space that you have. If you have a small space, then you will likely get a smaller sofa, probably a one or two-seater. This further narrows down the options you have. If you have a bigger space, you may need to opt between sectional sofas or a set of sofas to fill your space. In regards to shape, you need to decide what works best for you. The space may be big, but the shape of the room is distorted. You need to decide on whether to get smaller sofas to fit the room while still giving the illusion of space. The shape of the sofa is also a personal choice. Maybe you like round or box or rectangular seats. Factor this in before beginning the search.

3. Frame and Upholstery

While aesthetic appeal is important, you need to seriously consider the type of frame and upholstery that you want on your sofa. Getting good hardwood material is important. If you do not have a sturdy frame, then the sofa will not last long, meaning that you have to start buying a new sofa soon. Find a good frame and you are set for a long time as upholstery can be redone. However, upholstery is also very important. You cannot get white suede seats when you have children or pets around the house. That will be a nightmare as it is not manageable and the sofa will soon be unsightly because of spills and dirt and everything messy. A choice of leather could be a better choice as it lasts longer and is more durable; unlikely to get damaged quickly.

4. Color

The color also plays a key role. It has to be manageable and suit the style you have chosen for your home. Some people prefer matching colors, that is, colors that blend furniture and the décor plus the color of the room. Other people prefer bold colors or even a mix and match that serve to give the room some personality.


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